Our Products

Grasland produces agricultural limestone (agricultural lime) from four sources owned by the company viz Britten, Buhrmannsdrif, Marico and Lovedale.


Products: Dolomitic-, Calcitic lime and Gypsum blends.

Britten is situated on the farm Kareepan 298 which is situated halfway between Bloemhof en Christiana in the North West Province.  An excellent quality dolomitic and calcitic agricultural lime is produced.  The source is very strategically situated for the grain producing areas of NW Free State and the south-western areas of the North West Province.


Products: Calcitic lime and Feed lime.

Our plant, Buhrmansdrif is located on the Benadeplaats farm. The farm Wagendrift is close by which also provide crude material for the plant. It is located 15 kilometers from Mafikeng on the Zeerust road. 


Products: Dolomitic- and Calcitic lime and Gypsum blends 

Lovedale is situated approximately 5km south of Lichtenburg and is currently used as a processing plant and depot for agricultural lime from Buhrmansdrift and Marico. A gypsum mixing plant has been erected and is producing the dolomitic and gypsum mixes which is in high demand in the agricultural market.


Products: Dolomitic lime

Marico is located approximately 20 km south of Zeerust and produces a high quality exceptionally fine strong dolomitic lime which is called "Black" lime in the marketplace. The lime reacts well with acidic soils because of it's fineness which is 98% finer than 250 micron.

Virtual Depots 

We established Virtual Depots for Leeudoringstad, Hoopstad and Ventersdorp. The Virtual Depot provides better priced solutions by which better prices for lime and transport can be passed onto the client in areas further away from our current mines and depots. 

BB Cement 

Grasland and BB Cement jointly provides to Agri-businesses a range of innovative cement product which is not only environmentally friendly but is also provided at competitive pricing.  The range of products is comprehensive for most uses in farming and related operations where quality and affordability is crucial.